Monday, September 17, 2012

Fear Of Commitment In Men And The Reasons Behind It


Fear of Commitment in Men can be Caused by Any Kind of Change 


There are many reasons why there is a fear of commitment in men.  Some men might have apprehension about making a commitment because some may feel that they are not mature enough, while others may feel they are not financially ready to make that kind of a commitment.

Some guys may not be ready to settle down with one woman while others may feel that a serious relationship will eat into too much of their personal time and not although them to do the things that they would like to do.  Whatever the case may be, when answering why men have a fear of committing, we have to remember not to blame it on one specific reason when there could be several reasons that are holding them back. 

For some men, if you bring up the subject of marriage or what direction the relationship is headed in, it is enough for some guys to run the other way to avoid answering this all too important question.  

There are many reasons why men might be afraid to make a commitment.  Usually some of the biggest reasons have to do with losing their freedom and their sense of identity.  Some men just want to avoid a permanent relationship altogether.  Below I will explore in more detail some of the reasons why there is a fear of commitment in men.

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Fear Of Commitment In Men Means Less Time For Him

Some men might feel that their relationship with a women is infringing on too much of their personal time and as a result, it is not allowing them to do the things that they want to do.

If a woman starts to talk about wanting to move the relationship to the next level, then this could definitely scare a man into thinking that he will have even less time available to himself and this might be the last thing that he wants to do.

Fear Of Commitment In Men Stems From Insecurity

Some men might feel threatened by a woman's independence

Another reason why men are fearful of commitment has to do with the emancipation of women. Because women are out there in the real world holding down jobs similar to men, this makes some men feel afraid and insecure about themselves.

Traditionally, men have been taught by society that they are the bread winners and the providers for their families. With women now having both a career and family, their independence is actually a threat to the male ego. Some men may have fears about whether their girlfriend will really need them in the long run and that eventually they might find themselves in a situation where they are getting dumped for that very reason.

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Fear Of Commitment In Men Stems From Past Experiences

Fear that relationship will end in divorce

If a man comes from a home where his parents divorced he may not have a lot of faith in marriage, this could be another reason why he avoids making any long term commitments.

He might fear that if he makes a commitment that the same thing could happen to his relationship, simply because his parents' divorce is something that is all too familiar to him and he doesn't want to end up in the same situation as his parents did.

Also, if a man was previously married, and the marriage ended in divorce, he may not be so ready to jump into another marriage where the potential to be hurt again could occur. He may have been hurt very badly by his ex because his ex might have cheated on him or she was a very dishonest person.

Maybe he hasn't been divorced for very long, and as a result those hurt feelings, still linger. Only time will help him to heal and come to terms with that past relationship to the point of putting it into proper perspective. Once he has done this, then he will be better able to move forward in a current or future relationship and then be able to make that commitment without hesitation.

Fear of Commitment In Men Means No More Dating

Not Ready To Commit To One Woman

Fear of commitment in men can also stem from the fact that men like sexual variety. That is just the way that they are programmed. For men, getting too serious in a relationship and making a commitment will mean no more dating. Depending on how much a man has been around, and what his needs are, he just may not be ready to make a commitment to one woman.

He might still have a need to play the field and doesn't want to make a long-term commitment with any women until he feels that he is actually ready to settle down for good.

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Fear Of Commitment In A New Relationship

Still Carrying Baggage From The Past

If a man has never been in a serious relationship before, then the fear of commitment might be overwhelming for him. In a current relationship he might come to the realization that his feelings for a woman are a lot deeper than he has experienced in the past with any other woman. He might be feeling uneasy about making a commitment because he can't imagine being with one woman for the rest of his life. He might be doubting his ability to make a commitment to one person.

Fear of commitment in men can be both overwhelming for them, but frustrating for the women who are in these relationships with them. Knowing how to navigate and deal with this situation can be frustrating to say the least.

Although, men might fear that they will lose their independence and freedom if they agree to marriage, there is so much to be gained by making that commitment with another person knowing that a spouse is committed and there for you all the time especially when things might not be going well for him at work and elsewhere.

You don't have to settle for this situation. There are ways of getting around your man so that he will make that commitment to you without any ultimatums or pressure.

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Fear Of Commitment In Men Can Be Corrected

Get Your Man To Commit Today

There are many women who are in relationship where they are frustrated with their man because the relationship isn't moving forward towards marriage. They may have many years invested in their relationship with him, yet there is no sign of the relationship going anywhere except where it is now. It is like the relationship is at a standstill.

They desperately want their man to make a commitment in the way of getting married because time is passing by, and for those who want to start a family, time could be running out.

Don't despair that there is no hope, because there is help out there. You don't have to settle for this situation. If you have an understanding of the reasons why your guy might be having trouble making that commitment, then that is a step in the right direction as far as calming your man's fears without putting too much pressure on him which may only scare him away for good.

If you have been in a relationship for many years or only few months, and you would very much like to move your relationship to the next level, then understanding how your man thinks and how you can turn the tables for the better will make all the difference.

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